Fantastic Disney Princess Party Decor Ideas

Fantastic Disney Princess Party Decor Ideas

Crowns, castles, magical moments, and princess fun! If your daughter loves princess-themed things, why not throw her a Disney Princess birthday party? You can plan creative food, treats, and games to make it a memorable and magical experience for everyone. If you’re looking to go for a Disney Princess theme, you’re in the right place!

Princess Party Decor

What should you do before a Disney princess party?

Spruce up your home with pink curtains and comfy chairs covered in velvet for a princess vibe. Tie satin ribbons and add butterflies to chairs, tables, and vases. Hang garlands, lanterns, and Disney posters for extra charm. Create a fairy-tale castle centerpiece for great photos. Consider Disney Princess balloons for a memorable touch!

Remember, each princess has her colors – Aurora’s pink, Cinderella’s blue tones, Ariel reds and purples, and so on. Use these colors for decor and even your party invitations.

Save money by making your own princess party decorations! Here’s what you can do:

  • Decorate the buffet area with pink, purple, and blue balloons.
  • Hang a big balloon arch at the entrance.
  • Use DIY items like luminous crown garlands, various balloons (color and print will vary depending on the princess your child choose), sparkly tiaras, magic wands, tissue pom poms, craft paper lanterns, streamers, confetti, foil curtains, and Disney princess air walker balloons.

How about some princess party balloon suggestions? Picture the joy on your girl’s face when you drop a hint that her favorite Disney princess is coming to the party. Here are our balloon ideas for a princess party:

  1. Select Balloons for Phrases. Spell out special messages with balloons. Create personalized phrases or use popular ones to add a unique touch to your party.
  2. Number Balloons. Celebrate with style! Choose balloons shaped like numbers to display the birthday age.
  3. Balloon Size Chart. From small to extra-large, our balloons come in various sizes, allowing you to mix and match.
  4. Letter Balloons. Spell out names or words using letter balloons. It’s a great way to add a personalized touch to your party decorations.
  5. Balloon Arches. Make a statement with party balloons arches. Whether framing an entrance or highlighting a specific area, balloon arches bring a festive and decorative touch.

Feel free to choose the style that best suits your princess party! And don’t forget to choose BalloonLab as your trusted balloon company to order everything you need for a memorable celebration.

I want the same!

Make your event more colorful with balloons!

DIY Party Decorations

Decorate the kids’ party with a mix of traditional and unique ideas. Combine different elements for a lively and colorful atmosphere!

For example, use colorful balloons, a paper heart banner, and homemade lanterns with LED lights and bottles (perfect for a backyard party). Keep it harmonious by using fresh flowers and greenery to decorate everything from balloons to tables and chairs.

Streamer Backdrop. Make a quick and colorful backdrop with crepe paper streamers, masking tape, and scissors. It’s an easy and budget-friendly idea.

Princess Photo Backdrop. Set up a stage with a pink cardboard castle, add red, white, and pink balloons, and create a backdrop with cardboard boxes or a themed banner. Place cardboard gingerbread houses or carriages in front for an extra touch.

Princess Table. Make mealtime special with themed table settings. Choose colorful supplies that match your princess theme, add crown confetti, and a cool centerpiece like a candelabra or pretend glass slipper.

Dress-Up Time. Have fun with a dress-up session. If you can, provide a box with princess outfits like Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Elsa, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Snow White, and Tiana. If not, ask guests to come dressed as their favorite princess. Enjoy the celebration!

Princess Dance Party. Make a playlist featuring the birthday guest of honor’s favorite songs, especially those from their beloved princess movies. All you need are speakers, a dance area, vibrant lights, and a glitterball for a lively disco atmosphere.

Royal Party Goodies. Since you’ve put so much effort into creating the best princess party, why not continue the magic? Send your guests home with themed favor bags filled with delightful treats. Choose a princess-themed bag or box and stuff it with small treasures like princess stickers, lollipops, pens, and mini toys. For a unique touch, consider personalized princess crowns and wands.

Disney princess party

Throw a Party for Someone Special

A princess party is a great time to get creative! Plan a magical tea party or a fun afternoon of dancing and pretend castle adventures for the birthday guest. Use these princess party ideas to organize the day, and pick a lovely online invitation that matches the theme. Once you find the perfect design, add the birthday details and send it to your excited guests.

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