Balloon Garland in Chicago

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Rose Gold Balloon Garland

Starting price $229

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Small Balloon Garland

Starting price $199

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Gender Reveal Balloon Garland

Starting price $249

pink balloon garland
Pink Balloon Garland

Starting price $249

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Graduation Balloon Garland

Starting price $279

rainbow balloon garland
Halloween Balloon Garland

Starting price $199

christmas balloon garland
Christmas Balloon Garland

Starting price $229

gender reveal balloon garland
Baby Shower Balloon Garland

Starting price $299

pastel balloon garland
Pastel Balloon Garland

Starting price $275

bluey balloon garland
Bluey Balloon Garland

Starting price $225

black and gold balloon garland
Black and Gold Balloon Garland

Starting price $350

pink and gold balloon garland
Pink and Gold Balloon Garland

Starting price $350

black and silver balloon garland
Black and Silver Balloon Garland

Starting price $350

barbie balloon garland
Barbie Balloon Garland

Starting price $350

yellow balloon garland
Yellow Balloon Garland

Starting price $350

new years balloon garland
New Years Balloon Garland

Starting price $350

Beautiful Balloons Are a Great Choice for Your Next Special Occasion

What Our Customers Are Saying About Balloon Garland

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Margaret DanilovichMargaret Danilovich
02:12 06 May 24
BalloonLab did a fantastic job for our party; quick and professional set up and the arrangements were top-notch. We had tons of compliments from guests on how amazing all of the balloon arrangements looked - definitely would highly recommend!
Jessica GokhmanJessica Gokhman
01:58 12 Apr 24
Balloon decor was amazing! Loved the backdrop (with a neon custom light), balloon drop, and balloon tunnel (with the lights inside). Great team, great product, and great balloon Master. Thank you again for making my requests come to life!
Jennifer MendezJennifer Mendez
20:53 14 Mar 24
Super easy and convenient service. easy to navigate website. prompt communication. we loved our balloons! Thank you!!
Victoria SandlerVictoria Sandler
02:19 11 Mar 24
The Balloon Lab was incredibly easy to work with and the final product was incredible.
Artd.nat MarArtd.nat Mar
03:00 04 Mar 24
I love this design studio. Starting with the way they contact you during the application and listen to your wishes and preferences. If clarifications or changes in design arise, then the details and all wishes must be thought through to the smallest detail. This is undoubtedly the best studio - which has been around for many years and is famous for its beautiful works.
Gina ChandlerGina Chandler
15:42 13 Feb 24
I ordered balloons for centerpieces for a baby shower and the room looked adorable! BalloonLab was easy to work with and had the balloons there and ready to go right in time. I would highly recommend them!
Lydia MufarrehLydia Mufarreh
17:11 05 Feb 24
BalloonLab did an amazing job with my balloons this past weekend!
Casa CentralCasa Central
14:30 06 Nov 23
Helen DonnellyHelen Donnelly
22:35 28 Oct 23
Thank you for a beautiful display. Balloons were delivered ahead of schedule and were gorgeous.
Dmitriy ShternbergDmitriy Shternberg
14:54 27 Sep 23
Best ever party entertainment and decorations!!!
Tabitha PerezTabitha Perez
15:28 31 May 23
Alex was very helpful communicating with me and making sure he had all info before my event. Dimitri came day of on time and was great! He even helped us screw together our backdrop stand! He did the arch in a timely manner and it was perfect for what we needed. Highly recommend BalloonLab!!!
Krutee BarotKrutee Barot
13:09 25 Apr 23
Excellent service and quality work! We ordered a ballon set up for my daughter’s 16th birthday and it turned out great! BalloonLab was easy to work with, very responsive and did an excellent job with the set up! Highly recommend!
Brandon EtraBrandon Etra
02:16 05 Feb 23
We had a great experience with BalloonLab. Ordered balloon centerpieces and big balloon arch for a birthday party. Nice people and fast service, will be back. Glad I found them.
marisol martinezmarisol martinez
18:04 18 Jul 22
What beautiful work!!! I asked for two arches and a few clusters to welcome guests for my baby shower and the work put into this is amazing. People could not stop talking about the set up, will definitely be using this company again!!!! This is just one view of the outdoor arch that was similar to the indoor one. ♥️♥️♥️
Grant FifieldGrant Fifield
20:13 14 May 20
I give balloon lab 4 of 5 stars. I had a last minute request for an arrangement for my wife's birthday and the arrangement turned out to be what I had ordered. I also give them credit for doing this request during the pandemic of covid 19. The only issue I had was that some of the balloons deflated less than a day after getting them as you can see in my attached photos some of them sunk to the floor. Also present in the photos I attached is the dust on the balloons. It was as if they sat in a garage for a while which may also have led to the deflation. The price was $140 due to $100 minimum order requirement. The balloons with confetti inside and balloons inside a balloon were unique.
Wyatt CallowWyatt Callow
17:41 05 Dec 18
Recently purchased some centerpieces from BalloonLab and it was kind of last minute arrangement as I had made up my mind last second.They delivered the balloons and installed them right onsite, very quickly. Everything was delivered correctly and on time, I was impressed from start to finish. Great team to work with, I highly recommend working with them.
Danny OgraDanny Ogra
02:00 10 Oct 18
We had a great experience with BalloonLab recently for a big birthday party. Their delivery was on time, they customized the balloons just the way I was promised and the balloons turned out fantastic. This was a great experience and it was easy to deal with them from start to finish.

Balloon Garlands in Chicago, IL

Balloon Garlands

Balloon garlands have become a sensation in the world of social and corporate events, and for good reason. They are simply bursting with emotion and excitement, making them a must-have for any celebration. These colorful creations bring a sense of joy and playfulness to any space, creating an atmosphere that is fun, lively, and full of positive energy.

Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, birthday, or corporate event, balloon garlands and creatively crafted balloon sculptures have the power to transform any space into a whimsical wonderland. They add a touch of whimsy and childlike wonder that can make any occasion feel special and magical. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, these garlands and mesmerizing balloon sculptures can bring color and life to even the dullest of spaces.

The mere sight of a balloon garland brings a sense of happiness and cheerfulness that can instantly lift one’s mood. These balloon decorations can be customized to suit any theme or color scheme, allowing event organizers to express their creativity and personal style. They can be simple or elaborate, sophisticated or playful, making them perfect for any type of event.

Different types of balloon garlands

  • Classic Balloon Garland: A timeless arrangement featuring balloons of various colors and sizes.
  • Organic Balloon Garland: An arrangement that mimics the randomness of nature, with balloons placed in a more organic and free-form style.
  • Double-Stuffed Balloon Garland: Balloons filled with smaller balloons, creating a layered and textured look.
  • Themed Balloon Garland: Designed to match specific themes or occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, or holidays.
  • Spiral Balloon Garland: Balloons arranged in a swirling, spiral pattern for a unique visual effect.
  • Metallic Balloon Garland: Featuring shiny, metallic balloons for an elegant and glamorous look.
  • Floral Balloon Garland: Incorporating artificial flowers or greenery with balloons for a garden-like aesthetic.

BalloonLab’s garlands are not just visually stunning, they also create an immersive experience that can engage all the senses. The texture and feel of the balloons as they brush against your skin, the gentle rustle of the ribbons as they sway in the breeze, and the sound of laughter and conversation that fills the air, all work together to create an unforgettable sensory experience.

BalloonLab uses the best balloons for balloon garland to create a small balloon garland or balloon garlands with flowers, we have a lot of types of balloon garlands to satisfy any customer need.

Overall, balloon garlands have become a staple of modern event decor because they evoke powerful emotions of joy, excitement, and wonder. They are an excellent way to create a festive atmosphere and add a touch of magic to any occasion.

Balloon Garland FAQ

A balloon garland is a decorative arrangement of balloons strung together to create a garland. These can be hung up, draped, or arranged in various ways as a centerpiece, backdrop, or accent for events or parties.

A balloon garland decoration service typically provides everything from design consultation to the supply of materials, assembly, and installation of the balloon garland at your event location. They also offer additional features such as themed props, lighting, and floral additions. If you’re searching for a reliable and professional balloon garland service near me, look no further than BalloonLab. We pride ourselves on creating stunning balloon garlands that will elevate the ambiance of your event and leave your guests in awe.

Yes, a professional balloon garland decoration service should be able to create a custom design that fits with your event’s theme, color scheme, and ambiance. You should provide them with as much information as possible about your vision for the event. If you’re looking for a reliable and creative balloon garland nearby, BalloonLab is here to bring your vision to life. Our team of skilled balloon artists will work closely with you to design the perfect balloon garland that complements your event and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.